Kiwi Crush Smoothie Recipes

Kiwi Crush makes a delicious and nutritious base in fruit and vegetable smoothies - simply squeeze a sachet in with the rest of your ingredients and blend away!

We have pulped the fruit, removed the seeds and skin and then snap frozen it. The result is a sumptuously smooth pulp that retains the nutritional benefits of the fruit in an easy to use form.

Best of all though, Kiwi Crush is great for you! The combinations of snap frozen fruit in Kiwi Crush are a naturally rich source of antioxidants, prebiotics and enzymes proven to promote a balanced digestive system.

Couple that with vitamin C and fibre preserved through our proprietary snap freezing process and you have yourself a super smoothie base that is hard to ignore.

Check out our recipes below for smoothie inspiration, or add a sachet to your own recipe – don’t be afraid to go crazy, Kiwi Crush has a way of tying together flavours you wouldn’t think would mix.

If you create a new recipe including Kiwi Crush that is super delicious, feel free to post it along with a picture to our Facebook page. We will choose our favourite and some goodies could come your way.

To make the smoothies listed below simply combine ingredients in a smoothie maker or blender and whiz to combine.

Good N Green

Good N' Green – Serves 1

1 green apple

¼ telegraph cucumber

¾ cup unsweetened almond milk

6 mint leaves

2 large kale leaves

1 sachet Classic Kiwi Crush™

Kiwi Carrot Top

Kiwi Carrot Top - Serves 1

1 medium carrot

½ cup frozen mango chunks

2 mint leaves

2 tsp flax seeds

⅔ cup coconut water

1 sachet Tropical Kiwi Crush™

Quick Berry

Quick Berry - Serves 1

1 banana

1 cup frozen mixed berries

½ cup coconut water

1 sachet Classic Kiwi Crush™

Kiwi Berry Spin

Kiwi Berry Spin - Serves 1

½ cup blueberries

1 banana

1 tbsp chia seeds

1 cup spinach leaves

⅔ cup low fat yoghurt

1 sachet Wildberry Kiwi Crush™

Tropical Health

Tropical Health - Serves 1

1 banana

12 raw almonds

2 large kale leaves

⅔ cup coconut water

1 sachet Tropical Kiwi Crush™

Purple Power

Purple Power - Serves 2

1 red apple    

⅓ cup beetroot    

1 pear    

2 cups spinach leaves    

4 tsp chia seeds    

1 ⅓ cups almond milk    

2 sachets Wildberry Kiwi Crush™